As a beverage lover, you’re eager to learn about what to sip and how best to enjoy it, and cannabis producers are creating a number of libations to fill that niche. If smoking or eating cannabis isn’t in the cards for you but you’re curious about how you might drink the increasingly popular local craft, more products are coming on the scene to quench that thirst. Just by looking at cannabis stocks 2019, you’ll find that this field in particular is constantly growing. With cannabis being legal in a number of states for medical marijuana and recreational use, and more and more people looking to buy weed, it will only continue to become a demand. Within the states, where cannabis has become legal for recreational use, there are many people who are allowed within the learns of the law to grow their own weed plants and there are places that can help by providing information on how to set up your own grow rooms. An example of this is this list from Green Bud Guru which covers all the equipment you need in a grow room. It could be very helpful for those who are interested. Growing your own cannabis plant and then harvesting it to make your own cannabis-infused drinks would be quite a rewarding process, I’m sure. Although growing cannabis is far from easy, with the aforementioned list and further help over at, it’s definitely a possibility. Until then, here are four Northwest-based companies that make cannabis sips to savour while you simmer down.

OLEO Instant Coconut Water
Following in the footsteps of instant coffee packets, this powdered coconut water does the inverse: slow down and hydrate. Made from 100 percent real, freeze-dried coconuts, OLEO’s Instant Coconut Water mix is naturally full of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, in addition to 25 milligrams of water soluble, highly absorbent CBD for calming, stress-reducing results. Quicker than most edibles, the accelerated flavored powder showcases its effects within 15-20 minutes.
|| $5/1 pack, $45/10 packs

Tarukino Vertus
Move over Champagne – there’s a new celebratory bubbly in town. Vertus, a cannabis-infused fruit beverage, comes in a 750-milliliter bottle, cork caged and all. The wine-like drink is ready to be shared with a table, holding roughly four servings in the 100 milligram THC per bottle dosage. Consumers need not worry about tasting the green while sipping on this first-ever sparkling cannabis drink because of Tarukino’s odorless, flavorless cannabis powder used to emulsify the drink.
|| $60/750ml

Legal Espresso Mocha Sativa
This drink puts new fervor into the beloved stoner phrase “wake and bake.” The longest running product from Washington-based cannabis company Mirth Provisions is also one of the top-selling cannabis-infused beverages in the region – and the Espresso Mocha Sativa adds another local favorite of coffee to the mix. A full-bodied espresso roast brings dark chocolate aromas and flavors to the locally grown cannabis extract infusion for an uplifting and energizing high from an 11.5-ounce stubby bottle.
|| $10/20mg, $25/100mg

Happy Apple
If Washington is growing two things really well right now, it might be apples and cannabis. Taking both and marrying them together, this cannabis-infused apple drink comes in three different dosages depending on the relaxation you’re after: 10-, 50- and 100-milligram THC portions per 12-ounce bottle. The Seattle-made beverage is also formulated with wellness in mind, at 140 calories in each bottle and no added sugars, additives or artificial flavors.
|| $9/10mg, $24/50mg, $31/100mg