For many Americans, fall is the time of year when cider comes to mind, and into their glass. Here at Sip Northwest, we are firm believers that any time is cider time, and to help expand your cider-mind, we’ve compiled a list of glassware worthy of your cider, seasonal or not. Open one up, pour it in and enjoy.

Photo courtesy 33 Books

33 Books Co. The Original Cider Tasting Mug

Though thin glass is typically preferred for tasting purposes, this mug, made in Portland, still has a tapered neck to direct aromas right to your nose and its ceramic walls provide better insulation — keeping cider cold, longer. The unglazed exterior is attractive, while the opaque white interior, like that of porcelain cups used for careful tea evaluation in Japan, allows you to see the true appearance of the liquid inside. || $49

Photo courtesy Mikasa

Mikasa Brewmaster’s Hard Cider Glass

This tall, somewhat narrow glass flares at the top, cutting a dashing figure. It’s perfect for a festive occasion, as it is similar in shape to a Champagne flute. Fair warning, it’s significantly larger in size at 17 ounces, so pour a large bottle or tallboy can of highly carbonated sparkling cider or the glass will be woefully under-filled. The stem helps prevent over-warming but so does sipping swiftly. || $40 for set of 4

Photo courtesy Libbey

Libbey Hard Cider Glass

Like the custom IPA glass created by brewing icons Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada, this oddly shaped glass — with a wide, flared upper half and a much narrower bottom half without stem — is designed to maximize the flavors and aromas of cider as it reaches your mouth and nose. On its way back down the glass, the cider gets jostled enough to keep carbonation, and therefore texture, lively. || $21 for set of 4

Photo courtesy Spiegelau/Riedel

Spiegelau Cider Glass Set

From the glassmaking gurus at Riedel comes this set designed specifically for the consumption, adoration and enjoyment of cider. The dishwasher-safe, break-resistant crystal glasses sport a full bowl to hold the cider but taper up into a bell at the rim to release aromas. To boot, the inch-long stem of the glass allows for the presence of your hand not to affect the drink at its optimal temperature. || $22 for set of 4

This article originally ran in the 2018 fall print issue of Sip Northwest. To read the full story and more like it, click here.