Sometimes chilly winter nights require more than just a warm meal and a blanket to hide under. Grab your winter coat and head on out to one of these cozy Northwest bars where you can grab a drink and snuggle into a corner nook, sit by a fireplace in a big comfy chair or rest into the pages of a good book.

Hazlewood | Seattle

When you first walk into this Ballard neighborhood bar, you might second guess yourself. It’s small and dark, somewhat reminiscent of a Wes Anderson movie set. Order at the bar and then head upstairs where there are couches and chairs to lay back in as you sip one of their signature cocktails and listen to ‘60s French pop.

Sun Valley Wine Co. | Ketchum, Idaho

Order some food and browse the rows of wine this wine shop has to offer. If you’re tired from a day of skiing or exploring, there’s no better place to crack open a bottle of wine in this broad selection from the wine shop and bar. Sit in front of the shop’s fireplace and munch on a cheese platter as your toes thaw and you plan the rest of your trip.

Kennedy School | Portland

If the mahogany booths and Cajun-style tots in the Courtyard Restaurant won’t do it for you, the former school has four pocket-sized, quaint bars tucked into its hallways that just might. Chill to reggae beats in the Cypress Room, seek comfort in breaking the rules by drinking beer in Detention or visit the six-barrel brewhouse of Concordia Brewery in what used to be a girls’ restroom for a sip of the Whiskey Widow porter.

The Morrissey Pub | Vancouver, BC

Located on the ever-popular Granville Street in downtown Vancouver, The Morrissey is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a nice chill evening with a hint of rock’n’roll. The Irish-style pub has cheap eats and occasionally sees local bands come through and perform. Order some poutine and snag one of the tables by the fireplace as you enjoy your drink.

Rose City Book Pub | Portland

This watering hole and gathering place is dedicated to books and lover of literature, as well as community and conversation. Grab a pint or a glass of wine and sit among the shelves of books — a collection 40 years in the making — becoming lost in thought or tête-à-tête, or maybe participate in one of the reading events or small shows put on every month.

Left photo courtesy Rose City Book Pub; right The Morrissey Pub