So you’re stuck inside the house because of all the snow and ice. The neighborhood pub seems like it’ll be more of a trek than a quick walk. What will you do to survive this seemingly never-ending winter storm? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself and fellow Snowmageddon survivors. Stock up on these snow drinks and essentials so you can make sips that’ll keep you nicely warmed and safe.

Bull Run Distillery Straight Bourbon Whiskey for Hot Toddy

This is a classic drink for if you’re feeling under the weather or just want something comforting. Find a fireplace and grab a blanket for when you drink this concoction. Portland’s Bull Run Distillery straight bourbon whiskey has vanilla notes with a hint of spice which will only enhance the honey-lemon flavors in the Hot Toddy. Or, opt for another bourbon-soaked cold remedy, the Rock & Rye Fizz.

House Spirit Westward American Single Malt for Irish Coffee

If you have the day off and feel like going the extra mile for breakfast, whip up an Irish Coffee to go with your flapjacks and scrambled eggs. Not only do you get your daily caffeine kick, but you also get a little added pep to start your day off with a generous splash of whiskey. Yes, the whole point of an Irish Coffee is to use Irish whiskey but don’t ignore other options to give the drink an added flair. House Spirit’s Westward American Single Malt is a comparable and tasty substitute.

Dogwood Distilling D.L. Franklin Vodka with Sound Spirit Cacao Liqueur for Hot Chocolate

The beauty of vodka is that it’s a pretty versatile spirit. If you have a sweet tooth and are hoping to booze up some hot chocolate consider Dogwood Distilling’s vodka. Add some cacao liqueur, ice and milk, mix it all up and you’ve got yourself one heck of a hot chocolate. Sound Spirit uses Theo Chocolate’s cacao nibs which is just another reason why you should stock up with these two spirits.

L’Ecole No. 41 2016 Columbia Valley Syrah for Mulled Wine

It’s a simple drink that is easy enough to make and love, making it perfect for if you have friends over and are wanting to settle in for a day of movies and general laziness. While any red works for a nice mulled wine, try this syrah from Walla Walla Valley icon L’Ecole No. 41. The fruity flavors and full body of the wine are what you’re looking for in a mulling wine and it’s affordable, another important element for this drink. Try one of our fav recipes here.

Sun Rum Barrel Aged for Hot Buttered Rum

One may think rum is only reserved for holiday vacations on the beach but it doesn’t have to be. Seattle’s own Sun Liquor Distillery makes a rum with sugarcane juice from the Caribbean that has notes of butterscotch and maple. Use this for when you start going stir-crazy from being indoors all day and imagine yourself on a beach watching the waves come and go. You may not be in the tropics but at least your mind will be for the duration of the drink, give this recipe a go.