Ready or not, summer has come to a close. It won’t be long before gray skies befall the Northwest yet again, with sporadic blasts of autumnal sunlight. Wet commutes, shorter days and the chill of the season is almost upon us but if you’re not looking forward to it, perhaps the promise of autumnal drinks can make the changing of the seasons a bit sweeter. Here are five to savor through the transition.

Caramel Cinnamon | One Tree Hard Cider | Spokane, WA
With a cozy new downtown tasting bar location in tow, One Tree also uses locally grown ingredients for its ciders including the Caramel Cinnamon, a mainstay for the Eastern Washington cidery. What’s described as tasting like apple pie, this cider will make the monotonous gloom of fall just a little less dull.

Punkuccino | Elysian Brewing | Seattle
Love it or hate it, the time for everything pumpkin is here once again. It’s already known that coffee and pumpkin are a winning combination thanks to Starbucks but Elysian takes it a step further by taking Portland-brewed Stumptown coffee and mixing a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg to make this pumpkin ale a must-try for fall.

Apple Cinnamon Vodka | Wild Roots Spirits | Portland
The makers of this fall inspired spirit are all about natural ingredients. Wild Roots all in on Northwest-grown fruit and real ingredients for its vodka flavors, skipping the artificial flavoring and coloring. With apples courtesy of Washington and a little cinnamon, this vodka will make a warm glass of apple cider that much better.

Gamay Noir Biodynamic | Brick House Vineyard | Newberg, OR
While Pinot Noirs capture most of the attention when it comes to red wines out of the Willamette Valley, Gamay Noir, another variety of Burgundian origin, is not to be forgotten. Lighter in body with a bright, floral flavor, this wine is wonderfully versatile in what it can be paired with and is stellar when served with a slight chill.

Chaider | Schilling Cider House | Seattle
Sometimes it’s hard if you’re not a coffee drinker, and if you’re not pumpkin crazed like everyone else in the fall, it can be a little lonely. But that’s okay because there’s a cider just for you. This seasonal cider is a collaboration with Dragonfly Chai, a tea company out of Portland, and showcases why chai and apple are comforting bedfellows this time of year.