Staying healthy during peak seasonal sickness is a challenge most cannot conquer. The Northwest rain comes, your days are shortened and keeping up with your regular routine is almost impossible. Once one person starts to get sick, we all get sick.

Lucky for us, the PNW has all the necessary resources to put you on the road to recovery faster than ever. From all over the West Coast, juicing is a massive craze and everyone is relishing in it. All packed into one little drink, fresh, cold-pressed juice allows for vital nutrients that kick colds to the curb to be easily taken on the go wherever you need to be. Plus, many juice companies offer bulk purchasing, saving you time and money. These five juice companies offer a multitude of juices and smoothies that will get you ready to take on the winter months.

Kure Juice Bar Liquid Sunshine | Portland | Home to one of the greatest juices and smoothies in the Portland area is Kure Juice Bar. The ever-growing company is now in five locations across the main hubs of the city with tons of selections in each spot. Everything on the menu can “kure” your cravings, sickness and hangovers any day of the week. The Liquid Sunshine is especially created for those tough colds with orange, apple, kale, ginger and lemon fulfilling your vitamin C and antioxidant needs. Drink this tangy juice in the morning to boost immunity throughout the day.

Radicle Juice The Take Back | Vancouver, BC | Hand-prepared and fresh-pressed to order, Radicle Juice gives you the best of the best in each juice. This juicer is willing to work with customers to customize your order if you please but, if not, The Take Back is a revitalizing mix to run with, a unique blend of jicama root, pear, carrot and ginger. The jicama and carrot keep it light while ginger and pear add a kick to each sip. Add avocado to make the flavor rich and dense.

Jars Juice Green Juniper | Seattle | Located near Pike Place Market, Jars Juice is a hit among urbanites. Jars offers juices for “beginners” who haven’t fully dived into the world of juice or “advanced” for those juice lovers who need more depth to their daily fix. The Green Juniper is part of the latter, due to its list of ingredients and tangy, sour taste. This drink includes apple, lemon, celery, ginger, kale, parsley, spinach and Swiss chard. From antioxidants to iron, the Green Juniper benefits are endless. You’ll feel recharged immediately after consumption.

Method Daily | Spokane, WA | The smell of a zesty, organic garden will engulf your senses upon arrival at Method. Located in the heart of downtown, this spot takes organic and fresh to a whole new level. Juices are made-to-order and the staff is willing and ready to customize your order if necessary. The Daily is a nutrient-dense juice that features carrot, tomato, beet, celery, cilantro, lemon, lime and your choice of jalapeño or ginger. For sinus congestion, jalapeño will clear your passageways right up and ginger will soothe stomachaches, making you feel worlds better. For intense colds, get both to have twice the fighting power.

Genesis Organic Juice Superfood Smoothie | Eugene, OR | Simple and sophisticated, Genesis Juice is straight to the point with its organic products. Never using more than five ingredients, each juice is made with the best fruits and vegetables available. The biggest perk of all? Genesis is sold in most grocery stores throughout the Pacific Northwest, so it’s easily accessible. The Superfood Smoothie is a puree of apples, bananas and spirulina. Filled with vitamins B12, B9 and even a significant amount of fiber, this juice keeps you full without feeling weighed down.