Portland is known as a food city, and while a lot of the fuss is over fancy new restaurants offering variations of hipster food, sometimes it’s best just to stick to the basics and head out in search of some good ol’ fashioned diner food. Classic hash browns, scrambles and pancakes are irresistible to even the most epicurious and have long-served as staples in the American diet for a reason. Whether you’re searching for food at the end of a long night or are in need of hangover help the next morning, Portland has plenty of diner options to satisfy cravings at any hour for some all-American food.

When you need that greasy spoon… now. 
Original Hotcake House is a 24-hour establishment that has every classic diner dish on its menu, so if you find yourself craving an omelet, hash browns and a generous side of bacon at 2 a.m., they’ve got you covered. It’s been in business for over 50 years because people keep coming back for the satisfying homestyle cooking. On weekends there can be a line out the door even in the middle of the night, but the people watching and the hefty portions of melt-in-your-mouth food make it all worth it.

When a cinnamon roll is the only thing that will fix your problems. 
Tucked away in Multnomah Village in the Southwest hills of Portland is Fat City Cafe, a quaint diner that has been serving big plates of tasty food with a side of kitschy decor for as long as locals can remember. Sit down on on a cracked seat in a comfy booth and admire the vintage license plates covering the walls as you sip on freshly brewed coffee and munch on a gigantic cinnamon roll, one of their specialties. The menu offers typical diner fare that comes in generous portions, leaving you with both your belly and soul satisfied.

When the first “Back to the Future” is on and you get hungry. 
If you’re looking for a straightforward, no nonsense diner, then Fuller’s Coffee Shop is it. Decked out from floor to ceiling in retro decor, sitting down in Fuller’s is like a direct blast to the past. Patrons sit at bar seating and order from a menu offering food made to satisfy the hungry. There’s always hot coffee being poured, bacon sizzling and eggs frying on weekend mornings when it’s packed full of customers who keep coming back for the friendly service, reasonably prices, and of course, the delicious food.

When you’re feeling a bit fancy.
Located in the heart of downtown Portland,The Original Dinerant is a modern twist on the classic American diner, created as an ode to the time when diners served as the center of social gatherings, a place to either begin or end a wild night out. The food here takes a sophisticated twist on traditional standards, resulting in delicious food like the Smoked Steelhead Benedict or the house made poutine that can be enjoy in the comfort of spacious, retro-inspired booths. It’s a great spot for celebratory brunches or a fun date night dinner on the town.

When a sense of humor is in order.
A fabulous 24-hour establishment, The Roxy Diner has classic diner faves with a sassy twist on its menu, where you can browse through Arrogant French Toast options or opt for Wicked-Huge Four Egg Omelettes. The dark lighting and jukebox jams will make you feel like the party’s still going as you chow down after a rambunctious night on the town. You’ll thank yourself later for keeping the hangover at bay with the Roxy’s wonderful late night help.