In honor of Pride Month this June, breweries throughout the Pacific Northwest have crafted limited release beers to celebrate love being love. These unique brews are not only full of flavor, but full of purpose, as many of them donate percentages of proceeds to notable causes and organizations within the LGBTQ+ community. Here are six Northwest beers for you to raise a glass with and toast to equality. 

Pride Kölsch | Fremont Brewing
All proceeds from Fremont Brewing’s Pride Kölsch benefit the Trevor Project in Los Angeles, both the Pride Foundation and Entre Hermanos in Seattle and The Community Center in San Diego.
As if that already wasn’t a good reason to drink it, this beer packs a cooling summer taste with notes of berry, citrus and melon. Fremont uses white wheat and both Loral and Huell Melon hops to create this seasonal sipper.

Power Bottom | Bleeding Heart Brewery
Located in Palmer, Alaska, north of Anchorage, Bleeding Heart is Alaska’s smallest production brewery. This June, the brewery and five others within the state have partnered with Alaska Pride, each creating its own limited release brew for the celebratory week. This year
, Bleeding Heart puts forward its Power Bottom Ale, an ale brewed with a combination of passionfruit, mango and rose hips. Although it may seem light, the beer boasts a 7.9 percent ABV. An ale truly created with summer, love and the craft beer drinker in mind.

Ally Ale | Aslan Brewing Co. 
The latest release from the Bellingham, Washington, brewery, Aslan partnered with Northwest Youth Services in honor of Pride Month, crafting this tropical golden ale for a warm summer day. A portion of the proceeds from the Ally Ale will benefit the Queer Youth Project, a NWYS program that advocates and supports for homeless and at-risk LGBTQ+ youth. As the name suggests, the beer has a deep golden color to go along with fruit-forward notes. The Ally Ale is a great choice to when you want something light, but chock full of character.

Pike Pride Ale | Pike Brewing Co. 
Brewed in support of Gay City, Seattle’s non-profit LGBTQ organization, the Pike Pride Ale is Pike Brewing’s ode to the Emerald City’s vibrant community. Dry-hopped with Mosaic hops, this tangerine-infused pale ale will only be available on draft, at both the brewery and bars across the city. As with most summer beer releases, it is light and crisp, easy to drink and delicious at the same time. During Seattle’s Pride Week June 18-24, the brewery encourages every location serving Pike Pride Ale to donate $1 per pint to support the cause.

Proud Mary Pineapple IPA | Midnight Sun Brewing Co.
Also in collaboration with Alaska Pride, Anchorage’s Midnight Sun Brewing is releasing its popular Proud Mary Pineapple India pale ale. This tropical IPA combines citrus and tropical hops with real pineapple in an explosion of flavor, weighing in nicely at 6.3 percent ABV. Known for barley wines and barrel-aged stouts, Midnight Sun takes a foray into something a little different with this fruit-forward IPA.

Highly Verotic | Redhook
Keeping hip to the trends and because it makes way too much sense, Redhook has released its first glitter beer, Highly Verotic, for Pride. The pale ale is brewed with Citra and Mosaic hops, coming in at 6 percent ABV and cause for a party on the final day of Pride week in Seattle. On Sunday, June 24, Redhook’s Brewlab in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood will host gay party promoter Verotica and international DJs with a block party in front of the brewery.