Some might say the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, and with the return of cold weather, quality time spent with friends and family is all the warmth you need… and maybe some extra heat from a good drink. This year as you begin to search for the perfect present to make these gatherings extra special, there’s plenty of gift pack options from local spirit producers to add some additional holiday cheer.

Wild Roots Vodka Variety Pack
Do you know someone who loves all things Northwest who also happens to be a craft vodka devotee? This year, give them the gift of a fruit-infused vodka sampler pack from Wild Roots. The holiday variety pack includes one full-sized bottle of Marionberry Vodka along with four 50-milliliter bottles of other Northwest fruit-flavored vodkas. What more can you ask for? Available at liquor stores throughout Oregon for $29.95.

Heritage Distilling Gift Packs
At Heritage Distilling, each bottle is handcrafted with a unique story in mind. This season, there’s plenty of gift packs available, each with their own unique twist great for the special people in your life. From a classic whiskey set to a lavender lemon drop gift box, plus a 24-day “advent calendar” that kicks off this Friday, there’s something for everybody on your gift list this year. Prices vary, check website for details.

Old Ballard Liquor Co. Gift Packs
The crew at Old Ballard have put together two different gift pack varieties for your gifting (and sipping) pleasure. The first is an adorable six pack of 100-milliliter aquavit variety bottles that arrive in style in a miniature viking ship. The other option is a small gift bag containing four 50-milliliter samples of Old Ballard’s most popular sips. A great present for your favorite buccaneer, the ship retails for $60 and the gift bag goes for $25, regional tax not included.

Thomas and Sons Distillery Lil’ Tasties Sampler Box 
Made with some of the tasty teas brewed at Townshend’s Tea Co., these quaint spirits have been steeped just long enough to create a bit of a punch. The Lil’ Tasties Sampler Box is comprised of four 50-milliliter bottles of Thomas and Son’s spiked tea collection, perfect for winter relaxation. The flavors included are the Sweet, Spice, Smoke and Bitter Teas, which are sure to make the tea lover in your life extra satisfied. $20, available online.

Woodinville Whiskey Co. Age Your Own Whiskey Kit
If you have a whiskey lover on your list but aren’t quite sure of which road to take when purchasing their gift, have no fear. Woodinville Whiskey Co. has put together a handy dandy Age Your Own whiskey kit that’s perfect for the adventurous whiskey enthusiast in your life. The kit includes two 750-milliliter bottles of un-aged whiskey, a two liter aging barrel, other various supplies and a step-by-step guide. An excellent gift for the patient whiskey pundit, the kit is available online for $149.95.

Papa Bueno Tequila Mini Trio
The tequilas created by Seattle’s Papa Bueno are focused on fun, so what better way to add a little frivolity to a loved ones’ holidays than to gift them a gift pack of tequila! There’s silver, resposado and añejo tequilas, each made with 100 percent agave and distinctly playful flavors. Gift packs of three bottles as well as singles are available at liquor stores throughout Washington, pricing varies on location.