Consider this your friendly reminder that cherry season is in full swing. But why only eat cherries when you can sip on them too? Northwest producers regularly concoct cherry infusions to enjoy year-round. And if you need some last-minute beverage ideas for the Fourth of July, we’re looking out for you.

San Juan Seltzer | Rainier Cherry 

As a partner of Schooner Brewing in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood, San Juan Seltzer is built for casual, all-day sipping. The seltzer’s flavors showcase various ingredients of the Northwest, like fuji apples, huckleberries and the iconic Rainier cherry. Pour this one over ice and garnish with Rainier cherries of your own.

Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider | Sacrilege Sour Cherry 

Montmorency and Morello sour cherries collide with sour Granny Smiths in Reverend Nat’s Sacrilege Sour Cherry. Unlike your typically cherry cider, this off-dry libation adds just enough “secret” spice to make it truly satiating. Understandably, the different flavor dimensions make this cider ideal for food pairing.

Swede Hill Distilling | Cherry Moonshine 

The husband-and-wife duo at Swede Hill is known for their Apple Pie Moonshine, but they also blend fresh cherries to produce a small-batch Cherry Moonshine. The young whiskey is sweet with a smooth finish, and it’s quite versatile. Throw it on the rocks or mix it into your next cocktail.

pFriem Family Brewers | Flander’s Red Kriek 

The Flander’s Red Kriek, like most of pFriem’s barrel-aged beers, is meant to be savored. Modest acidity and high carbonation details flavors of deep cherry, lemon and baked almonds.This kriek is a labor of love — the pFriem team uses freshly harvested cherries and ages the brew in French Oak and Pinot Noir barrels for nearly three years.

Tieton Cider Works | Cherry Cider 

Tieton Cider’s Cherry Cider is an approachable, refreshing mainstay in the Tieton lineup. Tart acidity from Tieton’s heritage apples harmonizes with sweet cherry, culminating in some tasting notes of cherry pie. Packed in cans for your next adventure, this is a balanced, crowd-pleasing cider made for easy day-drinking.

Orasella Cherries | To garnish anything you’re drinking

Though not in the drink category, we deem Orasella Cherries as a worthy addition to the list. The Seattle-based producer preserves Yakima Valley cherries with real, maraschino liqueur, giving it deep color and authentic flavor. They’re maraschino cherries the way they should be — give your cocktail the premium treatment it deserves.