Super Bowl Sunday is nearly upon us. For some, it may mean a day of football, for others it’s a day for watching commercials filled with celebrities and comedy. But what we can all agree on is that the day is an excuse to drink and eat as much as we want. After all, it is one of America’s past times. Here are six different options for every person looking to sip a drink on Sunday alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

All The Things Amber Ale

Out of Vancouver, British Columbia,Bomber Brewing’s amber ale is a beer you can nurse a couple of while still having your wits about you. This marzen-style lager has the familiar sweetness of an amber to it, making it a drink that’s perhaps just a little too easy to enjoy. 

Sister Imperial India Pale Ale

This beer from Seattle’s Fremont Brewing is from the special Imperial series and is a double IPA with mango, orange and pine flavors to it. A couple of these and you’ll be in a festive mood in no time. In homage to sisters everywhere, by blood or not, this beer arguably celebrates the women in everyone’s lives. This select is a nod to the San Francisco 49ers coach, Katie Sowers, who will be the first woman ever to coach in a Super Bowl game. 

Captain Electro’s Root Beer

Besides sharing a name and owner in Vancouver, British Columbia, Phillips Soda Works also shares Phillips Brewing same dedication to making the best soda possible as they do with their beer. There are four sodas in total that Phillips Soda has on the market right now but the root beer float isn’t just a classic, it’s a great excuse to pull out the ice cream.


Maybe beer isn’t your thing and you’re not going to sacrifice the excuse to drink just because you don’t like the taste so what you do is grab one of Half-Seas cocktails in a can. The Bramble from Half-Seas is a creation that hails from London and combines gin, citrus and berries. Half-Seas is based in Seattle and is a brand from the same people who brought us Scrappy’s Bitters. 

The Brut

Alright so beer really isn’t your thing and cocktails don’t seem appropriate to you for the occasion. Oregon’s Alter Ego Cider has your solution with its flagship dry cider. A blend of local apples from the Northwest make this cider a pleasurable and crisp and refreshing to taste.

Underwood The Bubbles

You’ve likely seen canned wines come on to the market and Union Wine Co. in Oregon was one of the first to the scene. Offering a white and red option as well, The Bubbles is bright and citrusy, packing two total glasses of wine in one package. Don’t feel like the odd man out with a big glass of wine, grab a can of wine and no one will be the wiser