If you think your best Halloweens are behind you, think again. Like all good things, Oct. 31 just gets better with time. Trade in those “fun size” Halloween candy bars for some booze-infused treats that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear, happy as any kid with a jack-o-lantern full of candy this All Hallows’ Eve.

LolliHops Jasmine Pale Ale
Beer enthusiasts can delight in this candy creation from LolliHops in Yakima, Washington, which infuses butter with hops for a different take on the classic lollipop. No artificial flavors or colors are used in this candy which comes in several different flavors like an Irish Stout, Hopped Cider and Honey Hefe. Suck on these for a while as you enjoy your night.

Moonstruck Chocolate Co. Clear Creek Distillery Pear Brandy Truffle
The truffles from Moonstruck Chocolate Co.’s Distillery collection will have any chocolate or liquor enthusiast swooning. The Portland-based company teamed up with five different local distilleries to create the collection of truffles, including this one featuring Clear Creek Distillery. And if you’re more of a beer person they have a whole collection of craft brewery truffles — each truffle in this collection is shaped like the top of a bottle and features Deschutes Brewery, Rogue Ales and Full Sail Brewing.

ChocolaTas Mojito
If you’re chaperoning kids around the neighborhood, you probably can’t be drinking a cocktail while on-duty but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat one. British Columbia’s ChocolaTas has a whole lineup of treats filled with liqueur. If you’re not feeling a mojito then try their Pina Colada or Anejo Havana Rum. It’s hard to go wrong here which is probably why you should try all of them.

Missionary Chocolates James Oliver American Whiskey Truffle 
Missionary Chocolates teamed up with Portland’s Indio Spirits to make a whiskey-infused truffle that is guaranteed to please chocolate and whiskey lovers alike.  If you’re not one for whiskey then try their Pinot Noir truffle which is topped with Jacobsen Pinot Noir salt to give it the flavor of your favorite wine. Plus the truffles are dairy-free to boot.

Jonboy Caramels Absinthe with Black Salt Caramels
Sure, there are a lot of boozy treats but have you had one crafted with absinthe? Seattle’s Jonboy Caramels is all about local ingredients, they use local butter and cream in their treats and substitute corn syrup for brown rice syrup. The absinthe in this caramel hails from Pacific Distillery in Woodinville, Washington, this caramel is sure to please any fan of the green fairy.

Kathryn Taylor Chocolates Champagne Truffle 
If you’re looking to go classy then try one of the vin santo truffles from Kathryn Taylor Chocolates up on Washington’s Orcas Island. Available during the fall season and the holidays, this milk chocolate ganache truffle is infused with the Champagne and eau de vie from Champagne grapes for a delicious treat that you can enjoy with actual wine or just more chocolate.