Super Bowl Sunday has the unique ability to turn non-football fans into diehards for a day, if for nothing other than the snacks and commercials. While Miller Lite and Budweiser may be signature American beers, consider stepping up your game with one of these craft beers to accompany the fistful of chips and dip that you’ll consume.

Hefeweizen | Occidental Brewing

For those who aren’t big beer drinkers or cling to their Blue Moons, Portland’s Occidental Brewing brews a hefeweizen that is the way to go. It has notes of banana and cloves giving it the signature fruity taste. Assemble yourself a slider full of slow-roasted pork slathered in sauce and claim your spot on the sofa, beer in hand, to enjoy this fine pairing.

Psycle Path Lager | Off the Rails Brewing

A good beer for any event is one that you can not only enjoy but enjoy for a long period of time. You want a beer that you can have a few of without having to worry about stumbling all over the place. Consider this lager from Off the Rails in Vancouver, British Columbia. Nice, light and smooth, this beer brings drinking longevity to whichever grilled meats you’ve got on the barbecue.

Coco Jones Porter | Black Raven Brewing Co

If you’re looking for a little something different to sip during the big game then have a go at the Coco Porter from this Redmond, Washington, brewery. The dark beer is infused with toasted coconut and the full flavor helps it go down easy. Crack one open early on or save it for when you dig into the cookies for dessert.

Exploregon Hopper Lager | Bend Brewing Co.

This beer from the Bend, Oregon, brewer combines the best of both worlds with the lightness of a normal lager and the hoppiness that so many IPA drinkers love. Considering every good football viewing party requires good wings, and Exploregon brings the necessary refreshment to go with. Slug this brew as you feast on your stack of wings and hot sauce.

Pilsner | Reuben’s Brews

For this occasion, go for Reuben’s pilsner rather than the Seattle brewery’s many lauded IPAs. A light, Czech-style pilsner that’s refreshing and tasty, this is the ideal beer for hogging the chip bowl or mindlessly plowing through the nachos as you watch the game. It’s uncomplicated and easy which is what you need for the big day so you can focus your attention on the TV and arguing with the refs.

Tricycle Radler | Parallel 49 Brewing

A beer for the non-beer drinker, this radler from Vancouver, BC, is arguably more like an adult juice than a beer but that’s not a bad thing. Grapefruit flavored leaving you wanting more after you finish your first, imbibe fearlessly with this beer’s 3.5 percent ABV. Grab the candy bowl and pick out some Red Vines or Swedish Fish to accompany the beer and to give yourself a real treat.

Photo by Andrew McElroy on Unsplash