Bellingham loves beer. With the addition of two craft breweries in the month of May, the northwestern Washington town shows that it not only supports up-and-coming brew but is also continuing to expand and grow the beer culture. Aslan Brewing Company, which debuted its beer at locations around Bellingham and opened its brew house doors to the public on May 19, is Bellingham’s newest brewery. Owned by young businessmen Jack Lamb, Frank Trosset and Pat Haynes, Aslan offers eight “truly dank brews” on location that are also certified organic by the USDA and the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Considerable hype and an eye-catching lion logo helped Aslan bring in the crowd during its first weeks, and the excitement over the beer itself has yet to wane. Perhaps their most unique beer on the menu, the Ginger Rye Ale, supplies a light-bodied drink great for the upcoming summer season. It features a clear orange color with an obvious hit of ginger upfront and a balancing citrus taste. Perfect for those looking for a beer with a little something different, the Ginger Rye Ale holds its own on a list dominated by darker brews.

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