Like their neighbor a few blocks north (Sound Spirits), Seattle’s Batch 206 Distillery conceptually launched once Washington state adopted a small craft law in summer of 2009. As an ode to their area code, Batch 206 began with and holds a focus on “micro-batch” spirits from their Seattle warehouse distillery. The inaugural release was the aptly handled Micro-Batched Vodka, which is a mash base of hard red winter wheat and malted barley, selected by master distiller Rusty Figgins, and is small-batch distilled in Barbara, the distillery’s copper pot-and-column hybrid still. The consequent vodka is one of finesse, smooth and silky with honey undertones, partially courtesy of the distillery’s proprietary 206-hour coconut charcoal filtering regimen, which produces an almost milky-textured and quaffable vodka.