When you hear the name Seattle you probably think of rain, the Space Needle, an all-star cast featuring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan and of course, coffee. Martin Dickie and James Watt of UK’s fastest growing craft brewery, BrewDog, seem to think so too. With their new show Brew Dogs, premiering Tuesday, Sept. 24, at 10 pm, this brewing duo is taking their expertise and love for craft beer across America, including a pit-stop in Capitol Hill where they will visit Elysian Brewing to create the world’s most caffeinated beer: a bold and chocolatey imperial stout. Watch and enjoy as the Brew Dogs travel across America, recruiting craft beer lovers, one pint at a time.

Starting in 2007, Watt and Dickie, both exhausted with the mass produced beers that dominated the UK market, opened BrewDog with one very big goal in mind: to build an army of craft beer lovers and people passionate about the craft. Six years later, this is still their biggest mission. With a disclaimer stating: “Craft beer virgins, prepare to have your minds blown,” Watt and Dickie have set out to the United States with the goal of converting one million craft beer chaste into connoisseurs.

Each episode will feature Watt and Dickie visiting a different American craft brewery, collaborating to create a unique and one-of-a kind handmade beer. From fog-inspired suds in San Francisco to brewing inside a train on the railways of San Diego, Watt and Dickie are artists of the craft and ready to rally as they share their love for craft beer.

With the intent of proving that “the drink of the masses doesn’t need to taste mass produced,” the Brew Dogs are dedicated to inspiring a community of people passionate about craft beer. So passionate in fact, that they have even created an opportunity for craft beer lovers to buy into the company with their Equity for Punks program.

So sit back, grab a cold one and watch as these world class brewmasters travel the world, sharing their enthusiastic wisdom with others and even stopping by the the Emerald City to brew up a regionally inspired masterpiece. Brew Dogs premieres Tuesday, Sept. 24, at 10 pm on the new Esquire Network. For more information about Watt and Dickie’s brewery and famed craft beers, visit BrewDog.