5 All-American Beer Fests in July

by Sara Fontenot

What better way to celebrate America’s independence than with a glass of cold beer? After all, the two basically go…


Welcome back to Sip Northwest’s Beer Hall of Fame: a twice-monthly induction into a list of essential Northwest beers that have made their mark on the field and region.
“The funny thing is when Boneyard got going, we didn’t produce an IPA for a while,” says Tony Lawrence, co-founder and brewmaster at Boneyard Beer, a Bend, Oregon, maybe best known for its hop-forward IPA. “My concept was to brew a pale ale that tasted like an IPA.

Once upon a time, Bozeman, Montana, was little more than a potty stop along Interstate 90 between Butte and Billings, but today it is one of the fastest growing cities in America. In recent years, the city has attracted a steady stream of outdoor enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, conservationists and all sorts of big city escape artists looking to enjoy a simpler, quieter existence that is not entirely void of the creature comforts of urban life, like good craft beer and liquor.

Pride Month has been in full swing across the U.S., with plenty of craft producers coming together in support of the love, safety and enduring independence of the LGBTQ community. And Pacific Northwest breweries are quickly jumping on board to make the most of the festivities in the way they know how: by making great beer. To get in on the fun, here are five Pride-focused brews all in the name of love and beer.
Pride Kölsch | Fremont Brewing | Time to beat the summer heat in Pride Month style.

Paul Von Hagen’s journey to craft beer showcases that this risk-taking brewer lets his passion lead the way. With a budding career in technology, Von Hagen found himself restless in Seattle and the Northwest-native soon left his desk job to join the bustle of Seattle’s bartending scene, where he continued to immerse himself into the world of craft beer.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as that first sip of a cold beer after a hike in our epic Pacific Northwest landscape. It’s no surprise that many breweries have found unique ways to combine the two while helping protect the lands they love.
Founder of Two Beers Brewing Co. in Seattle, Joel VandenBrink, hiked the Wonderland Trail and was so inspired by the hike he created a beer to honor it: Wonderland Trail India pale ale.

Summer concerts in the Northwest know no end and continue here with a variety of drink producers happy to host you and rock out. Grab your friends and a lawn chair and get ready to sip and kick back to the sweet sound of summer. Missed our first list of don’t-miss summer musical affairs? Click here to read more.
Ste. Chapelle Winery || Sunday Funday takes on a whole new meaning at Idaho’s Ste. Chapelle Winery.

Welcome back to Sip Northwest’s Beer Hall of Fame: a twice-monthly induction into a list of essential Northwest beers that have made their mark on the field and region.
Double Mountain Brewery’s IRA – or India red ale – was born on St. Patrick’s Day, 10 years ago. And the rest, they say, is history. “People liked the beer, so we just kept making it,” says Matt Swihart, Double Mountain’s owner and brewmaster.
The IRA came with the inception of the brewery.

Situated in the upper left corner of Washington State, Aslan Brewing is bringing a community together with good food and even better beer. Once just a stray thought between friends, the brewpub is now the reason for the hustle and bustle of downtown Bellingham’s Forest Street.

The India pale ale has almost unanimously won over our hearts in an unprecedented way, driving the craft beer renaissance of the past decade. Nearly every brewery, brewpub, taproom, public house and tasting room is pouring one (or three). Brewers across the country are creating their own subsets of the favored style. Our PNW darling, the Northwest-style IPA, flaunts a dry, clean malt bill and a bright, fierce Northwest-grown hop focus.

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