4 Questions with Dewey Weddington of Ordnance Brewing

by Leesy Latronica

Situated along the Columbia River farmland at the tip-top of Oregon, Ordnance Brewing is proudly farmer-owned. Its location speaks volumes…


Located just off I-5 in northeast Portland, Mississippi Avenue is a little out-of-the-way but definitely not under-the-radar. Record shops, comic book stores and independent art galleries and boutiques vie for the customers living in any of the tall new high-rises that line the street. In the middle of it all sits Quaintrelle, a long, narrow space which offers fresh, local and seasonal fare made by chef Bill Wallender, formerly of Ava Gene’s and Little Bird Bistro.

Welcome back to Sip Northwest’s Bar Tab, our editor’s weekly selection of what to drink in the Northwest now. Regardless of the equinox calendar, it really feels like spring has arrived around our neck of the woods and we’ll toast to that, with four season-appropriate libations. Come on in, belly up to the counter and order a digital drink on us.
Triangulate Pale Ale | Pyramid Brewing Co.

Growing up as a youngster in Long Island, family gatherings happened often and typically included chaffing dishes full of Italian specialties. Given the chance, I would sneak bites from the penne alla vodka tray, seduced by the potential that something interesting could happen. I had no idea as a child what sort of fun I was after, only that the dish of creamy, tomato, booze-spiked pasta seemed like forbidden fruit — an adult-only fare that I couldn’t resist.

When you envision an estate winery, the image of magnificent views, warm summer nights and an over-filled glass of wine appears in your head. Okanagan Valley-located CedarCreek Estate Winery, in fact, is what pops into your head. This rural and historical Kelowna, British Columbia, winery sits between rolling, soft green hills lined with golden vines that host some of the most sought-after wines in Canada.

There are plenty of over-used phrases in wine: “bold yet balanced” and “terroir-driven” come to mind right away. There are others like “wet slate” and “subtle barnyard” that are perhaps hard to understand. Yet one phrase is both over-used and poorly understood, and that’s “food friendly.” As the wine industry grapples with a wide range of styles and tastes, claiming that your bottle is “food friendly” has become an easy crutch, even if it’s often not true.

Itching for some people-watching? Try the crowded corner of SE 6th Street and SE Ankeny in Portland, Oregon, where the newly-opened Marukin Ramen shares a building and a hallway with the equally popular Nong’s Khao Man Gai.
Ramen-loving Portlanders had been anticipating Tokyo-based Marukin’s opening for months. In this rainy city, the pursuit of a warming bowl of steaming ramen is less a hobby, and more like a religion.

What better way to celebrate official Taste Washington Month than with a most befitting festival featuring Washington’s top cuisine and wine? From March 31 to April 3, Seattle’s Taste Washington offers just that.

When John Vissotzky tells prospective customers that he owns a distillery in Battle Ground, Washington—a city in Clark County with a population of approximately 18,000 residents—the response is usually surprise.
But when he and Steve Vissotzky, his co-owner and brother, envisioned a welcoming space that would attract residents and tourists to the tasting room of Double V Distillery, Battle Ground’s zoning requirements hit the sweet spot.

It’s not hard to find Great Northern Brewing Co.: it’s located inside the tallest building in Whitefish, Montana, rising to a towering three stories above the historic downtown of rustic Old West-style structures. Great Northern Brewing is all glass and steel, hinting at the innovative brewing happening inside. Architecture aside, the food and drink here represents a thorough homage to Montana’s scenery and culture.

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