Where to Raise a Glass During the Total Solar Eclipse

by Erin James

Grab the NASA-approved sunglasses and get ready to look toward the sun: America’s first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in nearly…


Washington’s premium wine production spans over an estimated 50,000 acres and 14 American Viticultural Areas (AVAs). The upper-most corner of the United States maintains diverse and optimal growing conditions, though most wine grapes grow in the rain shadow of arid, Eastern Washington. Get to know these six hidden gems for Washington Wine Month.
Ancient Lakes | The Ancient Lakes region is newer to the state, only becoming an official AVA in 2012.

Setting up shop in a coastal setting so profoundly Pacific Northwestern as Tofino, BC, led Tofino Brewing Co. to an inevitable fate: first and foremost, the beer lineup will honor its undeniably wild hometown roots. The notion remains true and strong six years into operation.

After trying tequila for the first time, 16th century Spanish conquistador Bernal Díaz del Castillo wrote in his journal that the spirit was the “nectar of the Aztec gods, a beverage so lovely it makes us forget fatigue and live only in a state of happiness.” In the Pacific Northwest, far north from tequila’s modern origins, the agave distillate is often overlooked for spirits like gin or whiskey.

For the last six years, Juan Muñoz-Oca has been heading the 1.2 million-case production of Columbia Crest‘s Paterson, Washington, winery. As the third largest producer in the state, the collection — which includes the Reserve, H3 and Grand Estates wines — has a lot to live up to, from variety to value and quality.

Along the North Clark County Scenic Drive, on the grounds of a 117-year-old homestead, the next Pomeroy generation is busy adding his mark to the family legacy. Winemaker Dan Brink is the great-great-grandson of farm founder, E.C. Pomeroy, and owner of Pomeroy Cellars.
“I always tell people that come to the tasting room that every generation on the farm has made their own direction,” Brink explains. “My parents started the living history farm.

If the 600-bottle wine list doesn’t wet your whistle, this sunshine-influenced cocktail will. Handcrafted by Andy Merklin, lead bartender at downtown Portland’s RingSide Fish House, the Fairway cocktails fairs as a top trender at the fish-savvy fine dining establishment.

There are plenty of over-used phrases in wine: “bold yet balanced” and “terroir-driven” come to mind right away. There are others like “wet slate” and “subtle barnyard” that are perhaps hard to understand. Yet one phrase is both over-used and poorly understood, and that’s “food friendly.” As the wine industry grapples with a wide range of styles and tastes, claiming that your bottle is “food friendly” has become an easy crutch, even if it’s often not true.

Itching for some people-watching? Try the crowded corner of SE 6th Street and SE Ankeny in Portland, Oregon, where the newly-opened Marukin Ramen shares a building and a hallway with the equally popular Nong’s Khao Man Gai.
Ramen-loving Portlanders had been anticipating Tokyo-based Marukin’s opening for months. In this rainy city, the pursuit of a warming bowl of steaming ramen is less a hobby, and more like a religion.

What better way to celebrate official Taste Washington Month than with a most befitting festival featuring Washington’s top cuisine and wine? From March 31 to April 3, Seattle’s Taste Washington offers just that.

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