7 Budget-Wise NW Wines for National Wine Day

by Hannah Kivi

Did you know that May 25 — this upcoming Thursday — is National Wine Day? One day out of the…


Every bottle of mead created by Eastern Washington’s Hierophant Meadery starts with neighboring honey bees. Jeremy Kyncl, along with his wife, Michelle, is on an important mission to honor and express the beauty of the honey bee’s process. In fact, they uphold its job as sacred – comparable to that of the Hierophant (defined as a person who interprets and reveals sacred mysteries or esoteric principles).

Animated conversation saturates the large atmosphere of Cowiche Canyon Kitchen + Icehouse Bar. And with the small-town dynamic of Yakima, customers mix around to greet friends of other tables. Everybody knows somebody.
Maybe that was the intention of owners Graham Snyder and Mark Di Pietro; to enrich the Yakima community. It seems to be working: Cowiche Canyon opened its doors in late 2014, and has been hustling every night since.

Chef Mutsuko Soma is hard to find on an ordinary day, but the chef-owner of the Kamonegi pop-up is a beloved member of the Seattle dining scene. The classically trained chef used to cook Spanish food, but was inspired years ago to go back to her native Japan and went to soba-making school. Upon returning, she gained a local following at Miyabi 45th, bringing in West Coast-grown buckwheat, milling it and making it into soba daily for lucky diners.

Is the United Kingdom cider’s spiritual home? For many cider pundits, the answer is a resounding yes. Dating as far back as 1000 BC, evidence suggests that Celtic Britons were making and drinking a form of cider pressed from crab apples. Where the beverage truly originated is still up for debate. But, what’s undeniable is the impact the U.K. has on the world of cider. The U.K.

While we like to focus on all things “sip”-able in the Northwest, we’re taking it to the next level with bars that are mandatory stops when passing through your capital city. Pay homage to your home state with a craft cocktail or a fresh brew from these local joints.
Capital: Boise, Idaho
Bar: Press & Pony
From the same folks who put Boise on the map for burgers with Boise Fry Co. comes a downtown cocktail lounge focused on handcrafted drinks in an intimate setting.

If the 600-bottle wine list doesn’t wet your whistle, this sunshine-influenced cocktail will. Handcrafted by Andy Merklin, lead bartender at downtown Portland’s RingSide Fish House, the Fairway cocktails fairs as a top trender at the fish-savvy fine dining establishment.

There are plenty of over-used phrases in wine: “bold yet balanced” and “terroir-driven” come to mind right away. There are others like “wet slate” and “subtle barnyard” that are perhaps hard to understand. Yet one phrase is both over-used and poorly understood, and that’s “food friendly.” As the wine industry grapples with a wide range of styles and tastes, claiming that your bottle is “food friendly” has become an easy crutch, even if it’s often not true.

Itching for some people-watching? Try the crowded corner of SE 6th Street and SE Ankeny in Portland, Oregon, where the newly-opened Marukin Ramen shares a building and a hallway with the equally popular Nong’s Khao Man Gai.
Ramen-loving Portlanders had been anticipating Tokyo-based Marukin’s opening for months. In this rainy city, the pursuit of a warming bowl of steaming ramen is less a hobby, and more like a religion.

What better way to celebrate official Taste Washington Month than with a most befitting festival featuring Washington’s top cuisine and wine? From March 31 to April 3, Seattle’s Taste Washington offers just that.

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