Farm Fresh Eats at Portland’s Quaintrelle

by Adrienne So

Located just off I-5 in northeast Portland, Mississippi Avenue is a little out-of-the-way but definitely not under-the-radar. Record shops, comic…


Growing up as a youngster in Long Island, family gatherings happened often and typically included chaffing dishes full of Italian specialties. Given the chance, I would sneak bites from the penne alla vodka tray, seduced by the potential that something interesting could happen. I had no idea as a child what sort of fun I was after, only that the dish of creamy, tomato, booze-spiked pasta seemed like forbidden fruit — an adult-only fare that I couldn’t resist.

Located in a sunny, high-ceilinged room just off the lobby of the historic Hood River Hotel, Broder Øst, the far eastern outpost of the beloved Portland breakfast spot, has every ounce of the original Broder’s charm. At 8:30 a.m.

McMenamins: a local chain of adult wonderlands, each replete with numerous bars, eateries, spa quarters, music venues, movie theaters and a variety of lodging styles, all in a family-fun environment that welcomes the presences of open containers of its major amenity: drink.
Not every McMenamins hotel has a booze production facility onsite, but all have pubs that pour the proprietary beverages: from wine and beer to cider and spirits.

There’s no better way to start off the night than sipping on your drink of choice and nibbling on some pre-dinner bites. Our American ode to the Italian apéritif, restaurants and bars have stepped up and hopped on the happy hour bandwagon with deals on booze and bites, something that has become tradition for many couples and friends alike.

Aptly designed menu highlights the inherent qualities of natural wines at Dame.
East Portland has become a hub to the city’s most critically acclaimed restaurants and bars that have earned Portland a number one spot on The Washington Post’s Best Food Cities in America and a number five spot on Thrillist’s Best U.S. Cities for Food. New to the eastside scene is Dame, a natural-wine-focused restaurant that puts a modern spin on classic Eastern European dishes.

Stay warm this winter and comfortably numb with this herbaceous recipe and consumption recommendations.

“There’s a big difference between smoking too much weed and eating too much weed,” says Leather Storrs, chef and co-owner of Noble Rot in Portland. “Smoking too much weed is like drinking too much beer; you know when it’s happening. But eating too much weed is like drinking Scotch — by the time you’ve had too much, it’s too late.

Historical romance hits the plate and glass at the new Cook Weaver in Seattle.
Rendezvous via Craigslist? Often questionable in the 21st Century. The one exception, of course, being Seattle’s Zac Reynolds and Nile Klein, who met on the site in hopes of uniting their food-fueled dreams of opening a restaurant, thus marking the birth of Cook Weaver.

The 2.5-mile long stretch of West Seattle’s Alki Beach can be daunting when searching for a culinary destination worth the outing. A mere 12 minute drive will get downtowners into the peninsula that is West Seattle, a “commitment” that is often saved for weekends or residents of the growing neighborhood that was once its own suburb. It’s the regulars to sandy eastern strip of the area whom benefit from this seemingly elusive exclusivity and its quietly opening culinary gems.

Cooking with wine isn’t an afterthought for Tulio Executive Chef Walter Pisano — it’s an essential part of the equation. As a second generation professional gourmand, Pisano’s restaurant roots and Italian heritage brought him to opening the wine-focused Tulio Risotarante on the main floor of Seattle’s Hotel Vintage in 1992.

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