Eat Dinner in a Field with Field & Vine Events

by Karen Locke

If your dream “harvest” dinner entails views of picturesque vineyards, a topped off wine glass as needed and mason jars…


Situated in the upper left corner of Washington State, Aslan Brewing is bringing a community together with good food and even better beer. Once just a stray thought between friends, the brewpub is now the reason for the hustle and bustle of downtown Bellingham’s Forest Street.

Rising culinary star Doug Adams was one of Portland’s first ever contestants on Bravo’s “Top Chef,” where he wooed judges with his fried chicken on season 12. Originally from Texas, Adams landed in Portland in 2008 for culinary school, then cooked in high-profile kitchens including Pok Pok and Paley’s Place. Most recently, he was chef de cuisine at Imperial and Portland Penny Diner. His next stop is Bullard, a new restaurant opening in the heart of downtown Portland late this year.

Animated conversation saturates the large atmosphere of Cowiche Canyon Kitchen + Icehouse Bar. And with the small-town dynamic of Yakima, customers mix around to greet friends of other tables. Everybody knows somebody.
Maybe that was the intention of owners Graham Snyder and Mark Di Pietro; to enrich the Yakima community. It seems to be working: Cowiche Canyon opened its doors in late 2014, and has been hustling every night since.

Chef Mutsuko Soma is hard to find on an ordinary day, but the chef-owner of the Kamonegi pop-up is a beloved member of the Seattle dining scene. The classically trained chef used to cook Spanish food, but was inspired years ago to go back to her native Japan and went to soba-making school. Upon returning, she gained a local following at Miyabi 45th, bringing in West Coast-grown buckwheat, milling it and making it into soba daily for lucky diners.

While we like to focus on all things “sip”-able in the Northwest, we’re taking it to the next level with bars that are mandatory stops when passing through your capital city. Pay homage to your home state with a craft cocktail or a fresh brew from these local joints.
Capital: Boise, Idaho
Bar: Press & Pony
From the same folks who put Boise on the map for burgers with Boise Fry Co. comes a downtown cocktail lounge focused on handcrafted drinks in an intimate setting.

Raise your hand if you’ve frequented Tacoma, Washington, for years without realizing that tacos were literally derived from its name. Or maybe that was just me? Either way, thank goodness Peter Levy of Chow Foods came to this conclusion when he opened Brewers Row just six months ago next-door to sister restaurant Cooks Tavern, putting “the ‘taco’ in Tacoma.

In case you haven’t heard the good news, it’s Oregon Wine Month. It’s time to bake up some decadence — you deserve it. Alisha Falkenstein, the innovative pastry chef from Pazzo Ristorante at the Hotel Vintage in Portland, recreated the Italian restaurant’s pastry lineup, and has been utilizing delicacies to showcase authentic Northwest ingredients ever since. Now, she’s sharing the perfect, indulgent recipe for us to express our love for Oregon wine.

By Megan Hill
Ciudad and its sibling cocktail spot, Bar Ciudad, carve out a welcoming retreat in a busy industrial corner of Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. Entering the restaurant’s concrete walls, past the large patio and massive wood-fired grill, you’ll feel transported – perhaps to Spain or Morocco, maybe to Turkey or Southeast Asia, or possibly to South America.

One of Portland’s most hotly-anticipated new restaurants, Chalino, is located in a striking building at the base of north Portland’s N. Williams Avenue and N. Vancouver corridor. The busy bike artery between south and north Portland is also home to some of the most popular shops and restaurants in the city, and is now also host to the Courtyard at One North, a building made with surprising wooden curves and open public gardens.

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