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Idaho Food and Wine Festival

It used to be when thinking about Idaho that potatoes would come to mind and not much else. But long gone are those days now that Idaho has the reputation…

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Comox Valley Farm Cycle Tour

The popular farm cycle tour returns As the sun reaches its rays over the hills and down into the Comox Valley, you kick off from the bountiful Comox Valley Farmers’…

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El Gaucho’s 2013 Hootenanny

Ever been to a hootenanny? You know—an informal party with a group performing folk music and, if you’re lucky, dancing ensues. Although this definition dates back as far as the…

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1.6 Mile Dinner

With so many companies and farmers referring to their goods as local, the term itself can become a little ambiguous when searching for a meal crafted from nearby ingredients. This…

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Iron Bartender!

Birthdays, bartenders and bashes! Liquor pours through the air from a spout to its destination, leaves and fruits muddle together to emanate a sensational aroma, ice rhythmically rattles like music…

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