Montana Made with Headframe Spirits

by Brett Konen

If a single core idea characterized Headframe Spirits, it would be that success is measured in the success you create…


Classic spirits that typically come to mind are vodka, whiskey, rum, gin and tequila but, while these spirits are great, switching it up every once in awhile is good for the palate and the mind. There’s no better time to experiment with various alcoholic beverages than these cold, winter months that are fast upon us. These five unique spirits are sure to wow guests and hosts alike at the upcoming holiday parties we all have marked on our calendars.

Though Lauren Oscilowski says she “instantly” fell in love with distillation as a new employee at Glacier Distilling in Coram, Montana, she admits her first attempts at her own batches were barely drinkable.
Oscilowski has come a long way since then. She now owns and operates Spotted Bear Spirits in Whitefish, Montana, which she opened in December 2015. The team there crafts vodka, coffee liqueur, gin, and four cellos (limon, lime, grapefruit and mandarin), with an agave spirit in the works.

Rye whiskey used to be a preferred tipple in the United States but it nearly vanished after Prohibition. Thankfully, though, this spicy, honeyed spirit is coming back, with sales growing 20 percent in 2015. And while Northwest distillers don’t make very much of it, what they do make is delicious.
One reason Northwest rye whiskey is rare is because Northwest rye grain is rare.

With the holiday season just around the corner, we want to share our favorite tips for party success, plus advice from the experts about hosting holiday cocktail parties. Whether you’re hosting a small, elegant cocktail party or a raucous celebration, we have lots of ideas for pulling it off.
First, set the tone for your party. Decide whether you want people to dress up, dress down, bring the kiddos or plan on a wild, kid-free night.

Welcome back to the final installment in our three-part series on building a home bar. We covered how to build the framework of your bar in Part I and shared advice on finding the right equipment, tools and serving pieces for your bar in Part II. Today, it’s time to talk about stocking your bar. Stocking your bar can become a costly endeavor, so I’ll share some of my favorite bottom shelf alternatives, in addition to some top shelf splurges.

Boo! Did we scary you into the thirsty spirit? Good.
To help celebrate Halloween in the Pacific Northwest, these seasonal cocktails from three local watering holes will make your evening outings spooky and filled with laughter — maniacal or not. If you don’t live within a reasonable distance to make it to these spots, you can recreate these cocktails at home with ease for your weekend bash.

And we’re back again with more advice on building a home bar. If you missed Part 1, talking about where and how to build the framework of your home bar, you can read it here. Today, in Part 2, we’ll talk about finding the right equipment, tools and serving pieces for your bar. Or as I like the call it: the hardware.
My first bar tools were purchased at a restaurant supply store and, while I’ve upgraded and collected many more versions since, they still serve their purpose.

Sip Northwest is excited to release its fifth annual Best of the Northwest issue. This collector’s edition showcases the winners of the grand tasting competition from wine, beer, spirits and cider, along with top Northwest travel locations, locally focused restaurant and bars, upright industry influencers and more.

For anyone who enjoys making cocktails at home — including myself — it can be tough finding the space for storing and serving all your cocktail fixings. I’m working on setting up my third (and hopefully last) home bar and want to share with you what I’ve learned. In this three-part series, we’ll talk about building your bar (even if it’s just a cart or cabinet); finding the right equipment and serving pieces; and lastly, stocking the bar.
First up: “Building” your bar.

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