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Drink Your Desserts this Holiday

Some of the best desserts are liquid ones. This is especially true during the calorie-rich holiday season, when heavy meals often encroach on go-to favorites like cakes and pies. On…

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Our Favorite Holiday Cocktails

“Favorite” is a strong word, but these 11 cocktail recipes really ring our jingle bells. Give them a go yourself during your upcoming holiday celebration.  Ruby Smash Après ski cocktail…

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Drinkable Art with Hired Guns Creative

Sitting on your table — along with all the good food — are mythical beasts, wild animals and goddesses. It’s a party. Except these guests aren’t in-the-flesh fantastical creatures, just…

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Recipes: Miracle Holiday Cocktails

Since 2014, Miracle — the international holiday cocktail bar pop-up — has been bringing its festive concept and seasonally driven menu to bars across the globe. Themed cocktails fill the…

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