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‘Tis the Season: Winter Events

Happy Black Friday! As you scroll through your social media of choice’s newsfeed while you wait in what might be the world’s longest line at Best Buy/Macy’s/Target/a random furniture store,…

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We Dig: Cocktail Blogs

A round-up of our favorite beverage blogs wouldn’t be complete without a compilation of some of the regions best when it comes to spirits and cocktails. As hand-crafted and gourmet…

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Okanagan Spirits Taboo Absinthe

Absinthe, aka The Green Fairy, is an anise flavored liquor that was the drink of choice for many of the great artists and intellectuals in late 19th-early 20th century France….

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Grazers: The Hollywood Tavern

I was squinting to read a loosely-labeled comprehensive selection of house-made liqueurs when a pair of plaid-clad portly gentlemen begrudgingly straddled two stools at the bartop next to me at…

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Cocktails That Go Bump in the Night

The Pacific Northwest is pouring a wide variety of Halloween and harvest inspired spirits to quench your holiday thirst. From 3 Howls’ seasonally inspired vodkas and gin to Oregon Spirit…

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Art of the Cocktail

Tastings, workshops and competitions–oh my! Victoria, BC is ramping up to celebrate the revival of a lost craft during three days of intoxicating events at the much anticipated Art of…

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