Soon, the political ads that have bombarded your TV for the last six months will finally disappear and hopefully any stress or nerves will be put to rest Tuesday night. Whether you’re watching alone or throwing a midterms party, you know you’ll need alcohol to celebrate or drown your sorrows so we gathered a few of our favorite classic cocktails and spiked them with local hooch for the bipartisan win.

Old Fashioned with Woodinville Whiskey Co. Bourbon | Woodinville, WA
The night is young, you’re full of optimism. Maybe you donated to a campaign or maybe you canvassed but, most importantly, you did your civic duty and voted. Now it’s time to sit back and watch the results roll in. Sure the nerves might be catching up to you but just for a minute enjoy the fact that democracy is at work once again. Start your night off with an American classic — an Old Fashioned. Use Woodinville Whiskey’s bourbon for a drink with a sweet touch.

Negroni with Odd Society Spirits Oaken Wallflower Gin | Vancouver, BC
The pollsters have released their hints at what might be in store for the rest of the night. It’s too early to predict anything but nevertheless, you start scouring the internet to see what all the pundits have to say. The result is your nerves are getting the better of you as you flashback to 2016. It’s about time for another drink and to channel the calmness and healthcare of your inner Canadian — make yourself a Negroni with the Oaken Wallflower Gin from Vancouver’s Odd Society Spirits.

Rum and Coke with Sun Liquor Distillery Sun Rum Barrel Aged | Seattle
At this point, you’ve co-opted all the electronics in your house as you blare CNN on your TV, your laptop open to the New York Times and your phone alerting notifications from AP News. The last thing you need to do is get up and prepare a complicated drink. Settle down with a Rum and Coke — t’s simple but that doesn’t mean it can’t be as delicious as more “sophisticated’ drinks. Use Sun Liquor’s Sun Rum Barrel Aged to elevate this cocktail.

Vodka Tonic Wild Roots Distillery Raspberry Vodka | Portland
Some of the races are finally being called, providing a better idea of what’s to come. But the whole West Coast is still up in the air since the polls don’t close for a while. Take a breather and distract yourself by making the best chillaxer you can, like a vodka tonic made with one of Wild Roots’ raspberry-flavored vodka. The Oregon distillery makes a truly PNW liquor using water from the region which is then filtered using lava rock from the Cascades.

Martini with Aviation Gin | Portland
It’s over. Whatever the results are, you’ve made it to the end. Another election in the books, enjoy one last toast to election night but make it classy and end with a martini from a distillery that is now partially owned and aggressively plugged by movie star (and Vancouver, BC, native) Ryan Reynolds. Aviation exclusively produces gin, and looks like a celebrity doing it. Use it for your celebratory — or sorrowful martini.