So, the world is pretty weird right now. Locally speaking, schools are closed, public gathering sizes keep shrinking and many of our favorite drinking establishments have had to close temporarily, many deciding to shutter permanently. More and more folks are choosing to hunker down at home for the near future. To help you keep on keeping on within your own four walls during this period of isolation (or quarantine), we’ve compiled some of our top picks of recipes we’ve featured on Sip in the last year to keep you company. Gather your supply and get ready for the long haul, at least with some of your favorite sips.


Cocktail: Low Key

Featured Ingredient: Bourbon

Three ingredients — one being a house-made cordial from Portland’s 5 & Dime — make up this chill bourbon refresher that harks back to summer concert festivals we are hopeful will come back this season.

cucumber basil lemonade

Cocktail: Sparkling Cucumber Basil Lemonade

Featured Ingredient: Cucumber Soda

To early into quarantine to hit the booze? We hear that too. Try this citrusy cucumber-basil bubbler from DRY Soda in a recipe that mixes for two. Zero proof, but 100 percent delicious.

Rosemary Pepper Rinomato Spritz

Cocktail: Rosemary Pepper Rinomato Spritz

Featured Ingredient: Gin

“I wanted to create something that was a combination of local spirits and Italian flair,” says Phil Thompson, bar manager at Fiasco in Seattle, of his spin on a spritz. “Something that was fresh and refreshing.” Yes, Phil, yes.


Cocktail: Rosé Sangria

Featured Ingredient: Wine

A spiced winter-summer hybrid, this rosé wine-laced sangria is from the masterminds at Locus Wines, who pride themselves on their culinary-wine fusion. Batch this stuff and drink it over the course of the week!


Cocktail: CBD-Infused Hemingway Daquiri

Featured Ingredient: Rum

We all need a little mellow right now. This traditional rum tipple gets a dose of CBD infusion to make it just right, featuring a hemp-based concoction from Aurora Elixirs. Pair this with your Thai takeout.