Welp, Halloween is over, which means—at least according to displays at malls and grocery stores—it’s officially Christmas. I know, I thought it was November too based on… well, my calendar, but a quick trip to the store proved me dead wrong. I suppose now is as good of time as any to start whipping out the winter drinks: mulled cider, hot toddies, hot cocoa with Bailey’s, coffee with Bailey’s, Bailey’s on the rocks, Bailey’s straight from the bottle and festive winter beers such as Deschutes Brewery’s annual offering.

Deschutes’ Jubelale Festive Winter Strong Ale is a warming yet complex ale—there are a lot of things going in this bottle and every sip seems to target a different note on the palate. Sometimes there’s more of a floral vibe, sometimes more of a fruity feel, sometimes there’s more of a spicy sensation. Overall it’s slightly creamy with subtle waves of molasses, smoke, roasted-toasted barley and a firm but not overpowering hoppy finish. It might pair well with a pot roast, but it would probably pair better with a fireplace after a long day of skiing through some fresh powder.

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