There is a lot more to Woodinville, Washington than suburban wine country (read all about that here). Sure, the Warehouse District houses nearly 60 wineries and tasting rooms, but tucked behind the roll-up garage doors of shoe box-sized industrial studios is a smattering of cideries, breweries and distilleries. One of the latest to join Washington’s expansive list of distilleries, the fifth in this burb community, is Schnapsleiche Spirits, a single-batch, micro-distillery fueled fully by Washington-grown grains, fruit, water, yeast and spices.

They do it all from the conventional spirits like vodka, gin, bourbon, rye and brandy to European-influenced sippers such as grappa, akvavit and schnaps. In a collaboration with their neighbor, Dirty Bucket Brewing Co., Schnapsleiche takes the brewery’s best selling Filthy Hoppin’ IPA and distills it down into the Bierschnaps. The hop-forward spirit stands tall in 375ml bottles, at 80 proof and 40 percent ABV, and is surprisingly mellow with aromas and flavors of the leafy plant, grain, citrus and a crisp, bittering finish.

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