The social media world is often unsettling and overwhelming. You keep meaning to unfollow that uber-political guy from high school on Facebook, your Insta feed is plush with delicious baked goods you can’t eat immediately and the news on Twitter sometimes brings you to tears. Focus in on something good instead — like beer. Give these four wine social influencers a follow and figure out what you should be drinking right now.

André Hueston Mack

Instagram/Twitter: @andrehmack
|| Willamette Valley

When decorated sommelier and author Andre Mack’s not in NYC, he’s often making wine for his Maison Noir Wines label in the Willamette Valley. In between — and often during vintages — the highly visible vintner is documenting his colorful wine adventures via Instagram and pushing his Pinot via a dynamic Facebook presence. Mack’s solid line of cleverly named wines (Other People’s Pinot, Love Drunk Rose, etc.) make for hashtag gold and fun online fodder.  

Dana Frank 

Instagram: @barnormanpdx
|| Portland

Portland-based Dana Frank has gone from one successful wine venture to the next, leaving an eye-catching social media trail along the way. With Ava Gene’s celebrated wine program, natural wine bar Dame, gastronomical books and newest project Bar Norman all to her name, Frank is a true industry trendsetter always positioned ahead of the curve. Folks hunting for the next great natural wine would be wise to follow her bar on Instagram. 

Jon Rimmerman

Instagram/Twitter: @garagiste_wine
|| Seattle

Since the ’90s, Jon Rimmerman has been running Seattle’s Garagiste, the foremost purveyor of lesser-known wines by way of descriptive newsletters that read more like stories than sales pitches. His social media makeup is as adventurous as the wines — and often incredible deals — he sources, both domestically and internationally. With a photographer’s eye and a nose for under-the-radar offerings, Rimmerman’s treasure hunting is on full display through his vivid and European-loving social media feed. 

Madeline Puckette

Instagram/Twitter: @winefolly
|| Seattle

All education all the time with all the fun, Wine Folly is a website and social presence that has been bringing wine to the people since 2011. The face and voice of the operation, co-founder, author and certified sommelier Madeline Puckette develops the content, illustrations and infographics that are funneled into the social media feeds with accessibility and whimsy so wine drinkers can know more about what they love. Regular videos take viewers and followers through tastings, decoding wine labels and more.

This article originally ran in the fall/winter 2018/19 print issue of Sip Northwest. For the full story and more like it, click here.