With a suitable woodland name and a peace-inspired goal to live sustainably, Forest Edge Vineyard is undeniably a Northwest gem. Behind the 45-acre Beavercreek, Oregon-based farm lies not only tasty wine, but also a tasteful mission to abide by the principles of Permaculture, a conscious method of minimizing harmful impact on the land while vying for its benefit. Befittingly, an interest in gardening sparked the beginnings of the winery, which mainly produces Chardonnay with a touch of regional favorite Pinot Noir and a hard cider—each beverage, of course, crafted with the resource-rich forest in mind.

Forest Edge Vineyard’s Sparkling Hard Apple cider follows suit to the winery’s forest friendly mantra. Entirely Oregon-grown and bottled, the cider evokes what might be described as the liquid version of a warm walk through the woods—enlightening but not overpowering, crisp apple aromas that are genuine but not overplayed—ultimately presented with a bold yet gentle carbonation.