I’ll go ahead and say it—this is one of my favorite beers. Albeit, you don’t know how many favorites I have and how I exactly I define “favorite,” but it goes worth saying again that this beer is on that list. Many a’diatribes I have had on how there are not enough lower alcohol craft beers—God forbid you drink a Coors Light while boating or Bud while watching the Seahawks annihilate the 49ers—I want a beer that tastes like a beer, I don’t want to sacrifice flavor to satisfy alcohol consumption. Lucky for me and those who care about “fussy beer” and flavor, the Brewers Association announced session-style ales (and experimental/sour ales) as the main beer trends of 2015. More are coming…

One of the first in the Northwest to the session ale scene, Fremont Brewing Co. has recently released their annual spring beer—77 Fremont Select Session India Pale Ale, a favorite for all of the dogmatic yet rational aforementioned reasons. Other than the fact that it fills a much needed void, it’s solid suds and a spring staple. Billed as all things spring—crisp, refreshing, moderately hopped and deliciously quaffable—this beer is comprised of a delicate and aromatic selection of malt, plus the four C’s of hops (Citra, Chinook, Calypso and Cascade). Only available for a few short months (projected through April), catch this while you can and get in the now with session ales.

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