What is key to a healthier and happier winter here in the Northwest? Take advice from Eastern cultures and routinely drink tea. With teashops and houses opening and thriving throughout the region, being able to enjoy a large variety of herbal sippers and the health benefits intrinsically included has never been easier.

Happiness. If the cold nights and short days are making you moody, drinking a few glasses of tea a day has been shown to help reduce your risk of depression. In a 2015 study, 23,000 participants drank three cups of tea a day and saw a decrease in risk for depression by 37 percent. Make a morning out of it by taking a stay-cation at your favorite teahouse for a couple hot mugs of tea, good vibes and a happier you.

Longevity. Counter that burger you ate today with a few glasses of tea tomorrow. Daily consumption of green or black tea (up to three cups) is said to lower your risk of heart disease, fight cancer and reduce the possibility of a stroke. It seems too good to be true, but there is a reason so many cultures have picked up the practice of drinking tea with every meal.

Hangover remedy. Feel better about having another glass of wine the night before when you know that your new best friend, tea, will be the perfect remedy for an uneasy stomach the morning after. Green tea is a go-to hangover cure and with about as much caffeine as one third of a cup of coffee, it is the ideal amount to get you going and out of bed but will ensure you’re not too shaky. Drinking one or two glasses of this magic you will be rehydrating your quenched body and help ease the discomfort that comes with having a night of too much fun.

Anti-inflammatory. There are few things worse than waking up feeling extra bloated and puffy. Thanks to tea, you don’t have to struggle through the day with pain or puffiness. Loaded with polyphenols and immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory compounds, tea can reduce that swollen feeling and even reduce pain caused from inflammatory arthritis.

Zero calories. Trying to cut back after the holidays? Skip the hot chocolate and substitute it with your favorite tea. Rehydrate your body, skip unwanted calories and warm up with each mug. If you’re tired of drinking the typical and most popular black or green teas, opt for something with a little bit more of a unique flavor like the slightly sweet and earthy rooibos or turmeric ginger for some zesty spice.