[from original press release]

After a successful opening of our new Locust Cider taproom in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard in December of 2017, we are opening another taproom on 6th Ave in Tacoma, Washington on Wednesday July 25. The new taproom is part of an expansion plan to make cider more accessible to a larger audience as well as provide a space to educate on the nuances of the cider world while allowing us to localize our efforts on a deeper level in the communities where we serve. Also coming this summer is a second production facility and taproom in Fort Worth, Texas, mirroring our Woodinville Cidery and Taproom on a slightly smaller scale.

“On a very high level, we are opening new taprooms so we can get as close to our customers as possible,” said co-founder Jason Spears. “It is fine to throw some cans on the grocery store shelves and hope people buy them. But what does a customer learn about us? What do we learn about the customer? That can of cider doesn’t tell them about the people who worked so hard to make their cider, about how we source apples from all over the Pacific Northwest, that we work with some of the world’s biggest growers and orchards as small as 2 acres, about our cause (Hydrocephalus), or about the story behind the name. They can’t talk back to that can and tell it they love it or hate it or share their ideas for the next great cider. We can’t help them learn about cider, about bittersweets and sharps and everything in between. Opening new taprooms is our focus because of all of these reasons.”

The Tacoma taproom will have many similarities to the Ballard taproom including offering 12 taps (all Locust Cider) made up of core favorites (Dark Cherry, Vanilla, Honey Pear), popular returning seasonals (like Mojito, Watermelon) and limited specials (think single varietal heirloom blends, fun flavor combinations like Mango Habanero). We will also offer a full pizza menu with regular and gluten free options and an array of video games in the back.

The Locust Cider Tacoma Taproom is located at 2805 6th Avenue, next door to local favorite Jazzbones and newly opened Pizza Press.