Thanks to pandemic times, you’re probably not eating like you normally do. While it’s tempting to support your local restaurant scene through takeout when and where possible — and you should, they need you — you’re also pulling a lot of things out of the freezer for a quick feed.

Thankfully, there’s wine, which makes both the meal and the mood better. We’ve put together some tantalizing frozen food and wine pairings to take the sting out of being somewhat trapped at home. They feature easy-to-find items at the supermarket and Oregon wines available directly from the producer (they can still ship to most places).

So go on, elevate your quarantine cuisine. 

Kramer Vineyards 2018 Pinot Blanc and Chicken Nuggets

This Pinot Blanc has a nice grassy, subtly herbal quality to it, making it perfect for poultry. It’ll make frozen chicken taste like it was prepared by your favorite restaurant. 

Willamette Valley Vineyards 2018 Whole Cluster Pinot Noir and Hawaiian Pizza

This juicy, wildly fresh Pinot Noir is great on its own but is all better and even more refreshing alongside the ham and pineapple of a store-bought frozen pie. If the store is picked-over, a classic cheese or barbecue chicken pizza work well too. 

Lange Estate Winery 2017 Reserve Pinot Noir and Salmon Fillets

You may already have some old salmon fillets collecting icicles in the back of your freezer. Bring them to life with this lovely Pinot Noir, which boasts a nice bit of minerality. It’s a classic Pacific Northwest pairing and the wine’s red fruit elements are a great match. 

Cooper Mountain Vineyards 2018 Old Vines Chardonnay and Fish and Chips

The British prefer a pint with battered fish but Chardonnay is arguably a better choice, especially given the variety’s current Willamette Valley renaissance. The wine is bright, layered and dry, as good Chardonnay should be. And it plays off the comforting fish and bread flavors wonderfully. 

Acrobat 2017 Pinot Gris and Hot Pockets

It’s not always going to be a Michelin Star kinda night at home during quarantine, especially if you have kids and are still trying to work. Simply microwave a hot pocket or three and crack a bottle of this zippy yet balanced Gris. Easily one of the best Oregon whites under $15, this wine punches well above its monetary weight. Class it up by using the nice glassware or keep it simple with your favorite curly straw.

Illahe 2019 Tempranillo Rose and Chicken Pot Pie

On its own, this wine is luminous and will make you feel better, spring-like even. With feel-good pot pie it’s even better, the wine’s slight savory and smoky qualities standing up to the heartiness of the chicken and veggies. No need to chill this wine, enjoy its full depth at room temperature. 

Argyle 2016 Vintage Brut and Waffles

These aren’t celebratory times, per se, but you’ve never needed the cheerful nature of bubbly wine more. Crack a bottle Sunday morning and have it with a waffle-centric brunch. The frozen breakfast staple is perfect when sharing a table with this floral number from Oregon’s most famous sparkling wine house.