Three days of drink, music and grub returns to Silverton, Ore. for a devoted bash for beer.

What are Alchemy, Friar Mike, Stupiphany, I ♥ Oregon, Woodboy, Savant, Alphadelic and Tender Loving Empire?

No, not hipster bands. They’re all beers. What else do they have in common? You can find them all at the Oregon Garden Brewfest, April 26—28 at Silverton’s Oregon Garden Grand Hall. These and 118 other beers, meads and ciders will be in attendance over the course of the three-day community fiesta.

An hour south of Portland, historic small-town Silverton has made nature preservation a priority since the 1940s. Their current Oregon Garden centers around an oak over 400 years old and has earned the town the title of Oregon’s garden city with more than a dozen component gardens dedicated to date. The Garden hosts weddings, educational events, gardening groups, and for the past eight years, the Oregon Garden Brewfest.

Besides brews you get satay- and slider-slinging food booths, 22 area music groups (Radiation City, The Maldives, WEINLAND – yes, those ones are actually bands), tasting lessons by Women Enjoying Beer and the awaited announcement of the winners of this year’s Capitol BrewersOregon Garden Homebrew Classic.

Three days of brewed bliss not enough for you? Catch the Brewer’s Tasting Dinner on Garden Brewfest’s eve (April 25th, 7pm – tickets here). Think you’ll get lost on the way to Silverton? Take the Brewvana beer bus down from Portland. Can’t think of any reason not to go? Neither can we.

April 26—28. Noon-11pm Fri-Sat, noon-6pm Sun. || The Oregon Garden – Silverton, OR || Tickets: $15/one day, $30/three days