Head for the hills, ski is still in season at Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Sandpoint, Idaho, and the post-slopes drink — better known as après-ski — is practiced to perfection at the Sky House at the Summit.

Front of house manager Michelle Moss keeps it simple and fruit-forward with her Ruby Smash, a three-ingredient recipe for mountainside success. “When I was creating the cocktail menu for Sky House, I knew I wanted fresh-pressed grapefruit cocktails,” she says. “A Greyhound is a classic for vodka drinkers, but I was looking for something fresh with whiskey.”

While the newly opened Sky House was under construction, Moss says she would mix fresh-pressed grapefruit with Pendleton Whisky from Oregon’s Hood River Distillers at home and found it was still missing something. She splashed in some ginger beer and located her solution. “It gave it just enough sweetness and pairs well with whiskey,” she adds. “We have about six regulars that come in every Saturday and it’s the only thing they drink at Sky House. Also, it just tastes better with our view after a long powder day or carving the groomers.”

Ruby Smash
Makes 1 drink

1 1/2 ounces Pendleton Whisky
3 ounces fresh-pressed ruby red grapefruit
2 ounce ginger beer
Garnish: grapefruit slice

In a pint glass filled with ice, pour in all ingredients, stir and garnish with a grapefruit slice.