“I love to feature at least one spritzer in every spring and summer menu because they are light, long and bubbly which is all you need when the weather starts getting warmer,” says Sander Raav, bar manager at Seattle’s The Tin Table.

A variation on the classic wine spritzer, Spritz into Spring is a clean and refreshing spin. According to Raav, what makes the cocktail click is the California-made Chareau, an enticing aloe vera-cucumber-based liqueur. “Chareau adds a beautiful cucumber-y freshness to it and blends really well with dry vermouth,” he adds. “For a little extra kick I added a bit of vodka to it, which can definitely be omitted for a beverage that is a bit lighter in alcohol.”

For an extra-extra kick, Raav suggests adding in a flavored vodka, like Scratch Distillery‘s Green Pepper or Oola Distillery Rosemary to bring another exciting element to the cocktail. (Fortunately, many local distillers are infusing clear spirits with garden-party-esque natural ingredients, so you can get creative here.)

A longstanding staple in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and across the hall from beloved venue Century Ballroom, The Tin Table has been shaking, stirring and mixing up inspired classics since 2009. “We design our menu to be approachable for someone who is new to cocktails or exciting for a seasoned imbiber,” Raav says.

Whether that seasonal weather is abiding or not, Spritz into Spring speaks to Raav’s bar mantra and is ready for you to take that mantra to a patio near you.

Spritz into Spring

Makes 1 cocktail

3/4 ounce vodka
3/4 ounce dry vermouth
1/2 ounce Chareau
2 ounces sparkling wine
2 ounces soda
Garnish: cucumber ribbon or slice

In a wine glass filled with ice, pour in all ingredients and stir to combine. Garnish with a cucumber ribbon or slices.