Rockridge Orchards in Enumclaw, Wash., knows a little something about sweet berry wine. Producers of non-alcoholic cider, hard cider, berry wines, undisclosed distillates, vinegars and more, the Rockridge orchards sit in the heart of Washington’s King County. Regulars at four Seattle farmers markets and along with Bellevue, Wash.,’s Thursday market, Rockridge first started with owner-farmer Wade Bennett’s planting of Asian pears in 1990. Today, the orchard is now a bustling operation in the “agritourism” movement, where Rockridge pushes to get visitors out to the farm to learn, sample fresh directly from the source and purchase from there. The Raspberry Apple Cider is a staple for Rockridge’s farmers market stand, a juicy and semi-sweet cider that allows both raspberry and apple to share the spotlight. Puckering from tart raspberry fruit but honeyed from the ripe apple, acid pulls through the mid-palate and tannins clean up on the back end. Try from one of the farmers stand slushie machines for an icy and refreshing version.

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