I’m not going to lie, when I go grocery shopping, I walk right by the apple juice without even giving it a glance. A drink that makes me reminisce of juice boxes in lunch bags back in elementary school, I rarely think that I should have juice sans alcohol on hand in my fridge for friends or dinner guests.

With artisan ciders, juices, sodas and more popping up, that mindset has just got to go. Ryan’s Fresh Fruit Juices has paired with First Fruits of Washington to create a collaborative apple concoction unlike any standard shelf fruit juice. Opal Blend Apple Cider deserves that top shelf spot. Opals are the first United States apple variety to receive a non-GMO label, and with no added preservatives or fat, this apple cider is nothing but the freshly-picked fruit. The crisp flavors of Opal apples mixes well with the other Northwest varieties to create a scrumptious apple-packed blend. Full in flavor and hearty in texture, the authentically-sweet cider has a gorgeous bright honey color. And due to its non-alcoholic nature, this is a drink the whole family can sip and enjoy as the summer sun starts to take us to autumn chills.

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