Lavender is a delicate flavor to concentrate into a liqueur, but as Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs does nothing but what their name suggests, who better to take on the task?

Though less than a year old, the Lacey, Washington-based producers have already experimented with ingredients as diverse as fennel, chrysanthemum and hibiscus. With such an array of experience, founder Sam Desner and his father and business partner Sandy Desner don’t shy away from the bold aromatics of the certified organic lavender they use. The resultant Lavender Liqueur, at 20 percent ABV, is still delicate on the nose (managing to avoid any overly flowery lotion-like connotations) but awash with powerful floral overtones and a muted blackberry honey sweetness on the palate. With such strong flavor, this is a perfect modifier spirit for a sweet, summery cocktail or to reduce into a culinary delicacy.

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