As the groundbreakers of grappa in the Northwest, Woodinville, Wash.’s Soft Tail Spirits has released the latest addition to their Italian-at-heart lineup: limoncello. A Southern Italian (think Naples, Amalfi Coast and Capri) after-dinner liqueur, limoncello is traditionally made from the zest of Femminello St. Teresa lemons, a citrus prized for its rich oil of the rind, elegant flavor and juiciness. The process is simple (especially according to Giada)—zest and peels are steeped in grain alcohol (like vodka) to release the oils and the liquid is then mixed with a simple syrup to result in a viscous, sumptuous, citrus-spiked drink delicacy. The Soft Tail Limoncello is triple distilled from an apple-based neutral spirit and infused with lemon zest, then diluted and sweeten for a 58 proof lemon liqueur. Righteously aromatic, this limoncello sings the praises of the fruit it hails from with notes reminiscent of a lemon drop martini (sugared rim and all), Meyer lemon and a savory quality tucked into the back. The palate is like biting into a creamy lemon custard, buttery with a slight burn of alcohol to remind you that it’s a liqueur, not dessert. Pour over ice for citrusy satisfaction.

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