Ever wondered what it takes to be a master mixologist? Have you too felt the need to unleash your inner Tom Cruise and craft the perfect cocktail? Fortunately, you’re not far off – all it takes is the right teacher to show you the ropes. Featuring top-notch teachers and recipes, the following cocktail masterclasses are sure to have you impressing not only yourself, but your friends too.

Elemental Mixology || Portland
Ever had the urge to tweak your favorite drink? Maybe the bitters weren’t just right, or you were thinking of a unique flavor, but it didn’t show up on your palate. Well, Elemental Mixology offers a Custom Ingredients course where they instruct you on how to craft syrups, liqueurs, bitters and even sherbet. Additionally, introductory to master mixology courses are available to join – you’ll learn to concoct all of your favorite drinks without having the hassle of memorizing recipes.

GINiology at Scratch Distillery || Edmonds, WA
Find out everything you need to know about gin at the GINiology classes offered at Scratch Distillery. From learning about the differences in juniper flavor to creating your own personal gin recipe, it’s safe to say everything in the world of gin is covered at these cocktail classes. And, to sweeten the deal, you’ll be sipping on some class gin cocktails throughout the day.

Golden Beetle Cocktail Classes || Seattle
Delicious Mediterranean cuisine, organic ingredients and did we mention cocktails? At the Golden Beetle restaurant in Seattle, they have it all. Throughout the year the Golden Beetle specializes in a few different cocktail classes to make sure you are mixing your booze just right. Brunch cocktails, special Valentine’s Day cocktails and a couple’s mixology class are some of the events at the Beetle. Get excited, grab your shaker and learn how to make everything from a Pimm’s Royale to a Blood and Sand.

Multnomah Whiskey Library || Portland
Jameson Black Barrel whiskey, Carpano Antica and green Chartreuse make up the Multnomah Whiskey Library’s Tipperary cocktail. If this sounds intriguing, hit the lounge’s tasting room where up to seven guests can participate in cocktail classes and learn to make their own. Don’t miss mastering the Preacherman, which exhibits a beautiful balance of Reyka vodka, Kirschwasser, Cocchi Rosa and lavender bitters.

The Distillery School || Vancouver, BC
At The Distillery School in Vancouver, prepare to commit yourself to five whole days of liquor-laced education. The Distillery School offers a weeklong course in which participants learn how to run their very own distillery. By breaking up the days into sections focusing on different spirits, the school makes sure to keep you entertained. Get ready for Monday’s kickoff on mashing for whisky or vodka and Thursday’s focus on brewing.