We are now accepting submissions for our eighth annual Best of the Northwest issue! Out in November, this issue will feature the top picks for wine, beer, spirits and cider the region has to offer and will announce the winners in print to more than 120,000 readers. The top three winning submissions of each category will be awarded medals and the issue will also cover industry leaders, trends, travel and products.

The beverages will be tasted blind, with a panel comprised of the Northwest’s top palates, judges and professionals, whose verdict we will relay onto the pages of the issue. Our goal is to provide our readers with unique and original content pertaining to the best of Northwest beverages and create an overall greater consumer awareness and appreciation of our area’s liquid assets.

To submit spirits to the 2019 Best of the NW, please use the below rules for entry:

  1. Cost of entry is $60 for each individual product submission. Payment is accepted by check at the address listed below, or credit card by clicking HERE (or copy the link below into your browser*). The applicable fees must be paid with submission to be entered in the judging.
  2. Please fill out the linked submission form, click HERE (or copy the link below into your browser**) to go to the form. Each form provides for up to five (5) submissions. If you are submitting more than five (5) products, submit one form and start a second (or third) until you are finished. The submission will not be entered in the judging if the form is not included.
  3. Send one (1) sample of each submission for 500ml or 750ml, two (2) samples for anything smaller.
  4. For pricing, please list the suggested retail price (MSRP) of the product.
  5. The product must be currently available in the calendar year of 2019 or by February 1st of 2020.
  6. All products must be produced in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana or British Columbia.
  7. Submission receiving deadline is Friday, June 21.

*Credit card payment link: https://sipnorthwest.com/product/2019-spirits-submission/

**Submission form link: https://tinyurl.com/sipnorthwestbestofspirits


Barrel-aged Gin
Brandy/eau de vie/grappa
Dessert liqueur (chocolate, coffee, nut, etc.)
Flavored Vodka
Fruit liqueur
Non-fruit liqueurs (amaro, herbal, spice, floral, etc.)
Premixed/packaged cocktails (bottled or canned) – NEW CATEGORY
Rye Whiskey
Single Malt Whiskey
Specialty spirits (aquavit, absinthe, catchall for spirits, etc.)
Whiskey (wheat or blended)

*Though unlikely for most, all categories are subject to change if submissions are too low or too high. In the case of lower submissions, spirits would be merged into an appropriately fitting category; for higher submissions, a category of its own would be created.

Ship all entries and payment to the following address:

Sip Northwest Magazine
1333 N. Northlake Way, Suite E, Seattle WA 98103

For personal delivery, please email Melissa Miller at melissa@sipnorthwest.com

Sip Northwest is an award-winning publication covering the wine, beer, spirits and cider of the Pacific Northwest. Please join us in finding the best of the year to highlight and showcase in this issue. Thank you!