The second annual Washington Beer Open House takes place at breweries across the state on Saturday, February 25, 2012. Start making your plans now. This is an early warning. More breweries will sign up and details will come together in the week’s ahead.

What exactly is Washington Beer Open House? All across the state breweries will open their doors and welcome the public. What happens at each brewery is up to the brewery itself. Barrel tasting, food-beer pairings, seasonal releases, and whatever else. Who knows. By all accounts, last year’s inaugural event was a huge success. Read more about last year’s Washington Beer Open House.

There is an interactive map available for your mobile device. The map will be updated continually as more breweries sign up. On Twitter, use the #WaBeerOH hashtag. When we start to learn more about what particular breweries have planned for Open House, we will share that information with you. Also, keep an eye on the official Washington Beer Open House website.