As marijuana policies have undergone changes in the past few years with a number of states legalizing for recreational use (Washington and Oregon included), a new purpose for cannabis has arose, one beyond the usual seen in nevada recreational dispensaries and other locales. Cannabis infused-beverages have entered the market for their weed-y, earthy flavor that many have noted as quite complementary in flavor to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. If you’re looking to set up your own marijuana based business with a dispensary pos, these marijuana drinks could be a very well-sold product. Here’s a handful of Northwest-based businesses jumping on the cannabis bandwagon and doing it right. As well as selling the product, your customers are going to need away to consume it. You’ll find that distillate inhaler products are becoming a big thing at the moment. Get those in-stock!

Messina Bitters || Portland
Camille Messina perfected her recipe for a concoction of marijuana-infused bitters that has put her at the forefront of cannabis-infused, boozy ventures in Oregon. She infuses local, organic cane alcohol, elderflower, birchbark and vanilla bean in the bitters with Oregon’s finest buds. Each ounce contains 200 milligrams of THC, as the artisan bitters unite organic herbs and spices for a tonic that is a refreshing new way to consume the new herb on the scene.

Legal Sparkling Tonics || Longview, WA
Appropriately named, Legal by Mirth Provisions offers three sparkling soda beverages to tingle the taste buds. Each sparkling soda-Rainier Cherry, Lemon Ginger and Pomegranate-offers a specific type of cannabis-induced effect. The elixirs mix natural flavors (Washington cherries, fresh lemon and ginger and real pomegranate juice) with locally grown cannabis extract for a locally focused buzz.

Evergreen Herbal Subtle Tea || Seattle
Subtle Tea allows the consumer to steep the preferred amount of cannabis in each cup. The individual tea bags contains .94 grams of cannabis and 40 milligrams of THC in their green, chai, black or PM Formula tea. If you like a stronger potency than the steeping can offer, add regular or alternative milk, as the cannabinoids stick to milk fats so more of the marijuana is pulled from the tea.

Catapult Coffee || Vancouver, WA
Created by Fairwinds Manufacturing, the cannabis-infused coffee is made with top-shelf Cherry OG Flower for a cup of coffee that is unique and flavorful for your morning pick-me-up. Also in the form of decaf, each package has six servings with 60 milligrams of THC. They also offer a Keurig-style coffee pod in regular and decaf with 10 milligrams of THC. Lucky for any coffee pod user, the pods fit into any standard size, single-cup machine.

Craft Elixirs || Seattle
Each of these six cannabis-infused syrups are made in small batches with clever names such as Bagley Ave. Brew, Ballard Beat, Capitol Hill Heat, Verdita Dragon, Seattle Simple and Wallingford Wanderlust for local inspiration. The ingredients-including the marijuana, berries, coffee and spices-are sourced from Washington State for a handcrafted artisan product. The flavors offered range from coffee and chicory to simple and sweet and hot and smoky. Each elixir has been concocted to complement any sweet or savory dish or beverage with a high serving up 10 milligrams of THC per serving.