A round-up of our favorite beverage blogs wouldn’t be complete without a compilation of some of the regions best when it comes to spirits and cocktails. As hand-crafted and gourmet spirits make their mark throughout the region, Pacific Northwesterners have proved themselves as micro-distilling, craft-cocktail wielding maestros when it comes to the hard stuff. From thirsty grandmas to expert mixologists, these local aficionados share their favorite brands, recipes and more with fun and informative cocktail blogs we dig.

Vancouver Bits and Bites Blog: You might get more than you bargain for with BC-based Vancouver Bits and Bites. Mary Sheridan and Alice Wong are total foodies, but they also have a refined palate when it comes to boozy beverages, too. From holiday cocktail recipes and “spirited” events, to their favorite vodkas and more, these women share their knowledge on Vancouver cocktails and spirits. And, because we all know you shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach, check out their favorite places to grab a bite to eat.

The Cocktail Chronicles: Hailing from Seattle, our own resident cocktail and spirit expert, Paul Clarke, shares his expertise of the craft on his blog, The Cocktail Chronicles. Emphasizing early and mid-century classic cocktails, each elixir featured on Clarke’s extensive drink index (and it is extensive) includes an anecdotal story and information to inspire, educate and amuse. Clarke also shares a lengthy library list of book titles worth cozying up to, links to some of his favorite beverage blogs and websites, and more.

Mama Knows Her Cocktails: Beth Evans-Ramos is a self-proclaimed “grandma that enjoys a strong, packed-with layers of flavor drink.” Based out of Washington, this is one “mama” who knows her stuff. Sharing everything from all-natural and exotic cocktail recipes (like her “lavender happiness cocktail” and “triple lemon and rosemary collins”) to Seattle’s best “happy hour hot spots,” Mama Knows Her Cocktails is not only a great resource, but a fun read. If you want to make some world-class cocktails, this blog is one for the bookmarks bar. Mama even has recipes for making infused liquors, homemade syrups, “tipsy olives” and more.

Jeffrey Morgenthaler: For those times when you want more than a bar recommendation or cocktail recipe, there’s Jeffrey Morgenthaler. He’s the bartender blogging about everything and anything you could ever wonder about the world of mixology, spirits and cocktails. Based out of Portland, Morgenthaler shares product reviews, industry tips, Q&A, and much more. Sharing his favorite recipes and even a list of all his must-have tools of the bartending trade, Morgenthaler provides readers with everything they need to know to bartend like a pro. Or, if shaking and stirring aren’t your game, he’ll do the dirty work for you at Portland’s Clyde Common.

There Will Be Bourbon: Also out of the Rose City, Rachel Partin and Patrick Truby have been keeping readers busy on their blog, There Will Be Bourbon, which boasts liquor reviews, cocktail recipes, the best bars and more. Vibrant pictures, comical GIFs, and quality content makes it easy to lose track of time while browsing this blog. And, if you’re a fan of our Culinary Chemistry, you can double up on your booze-infused recipes with this duos own arsenal of intoxicating edibles.

With so many great locally-sourced spirits emerging out of the region, it’s not surprising that the Northwest also hails knowledgeable connoisseurs eager to share their words of wisdom on the World Wide Web for us thirsty readers.